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Icons below give information about sighting :
Scarce or uncommon species (announce every sighting, category A)
Uncommon breeding species (announce at least sightings during breeding periods, category B)
Uncommon wintering species (announce at least sightings occurring between 1st December and 15th February, category H)
Hidden data
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Data waiting for verification
The record is correct, request additional information
The record is incorrect, mark it as invalid
Private territory mapping
Point count
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The colour of the sighting display gives information about the rarity of the species :
Northern Fulmar
Species never seen in Switzerland
Red-necked Grebe
Species very rare
Horned Grebe
Species rare
Pink-backed Pelican
Species probably escaped
Red-throated Loon
unusual species
Black-necked Grebe
Common species
Little Grebe
Species very common
Shortcut list for county :
ACA : Alt Camp
AEM : Alt Empordà
APE : Alt Penedès
AUR : Alt Urgell
ARI : Alta Ribagorça
ANO : Anoia
BAG : Bages
BCA : Baix Camp
BEB : Baix Ebre
BEM : Baix Empordà
BLL : Baix Llobregat
BPE : Baix Penedès
BAR : Barcelonès
BER : Berguedà
CER : Cerdanya
CBA : Conca de Barberà
GAF : Garraf
GAG : Garrigues
GAX : Garrotxa
GIR : Gironès
MAR : Maresme
MON : Montsià
NOG : Noguera
OSO : Osona
PJU : Pallars Jussà
PSO : Pallars Sobirà
PUR : Pla d'Urgell
PES : Pla de l'Estany
PRI : Priorat
REB : Ribera d'Ebre
RIP : Ripollès
SEA : Segarra
SEI : Segrià
SEL : Selva
SOL : Solsonès
TAR : Tarragonès
TAL : Terra Alta
URG : Urgell
VAR : Val d'Aran
VOC : Vallès Occidental
VOR : Vallès Oriental
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